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3. The Commercial Building Technology

The Teron Commercial Building Technology is designed for office buildings, retail stores, industrial buildings, schools and public buildings. It is especially suited for buildings that require large open spaces such as airports, train stations and convention centres.

Unlike the residential building technology, which produces vertical wall modules that incorporate housing functions and then uses flat ceilings, this technology produces a composite floor, ceiling and mechanical distribution system using the same three dimensional concrete product.

The components act as the floor structure and at the same time create pre-finished vaulted ceilings with indirect lighting and integrated utility ducts that contain all of the building's distribution systems such as electrical, telephone, computer wiring, mechanical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The technology eliminates need for the normal flat suspended ceiling found in office buildings. The ceiling system is designed to fully integrate with the standard North American office planning grid of 1.5 m (5 feet) and with all modular interior furniture and partition systems.

The utility ducts incorporate radiant heating and cooling piping so that air can be heated and cooled anywhere in the building without the need to return all air to a central HVAC plant. The utilicores can also provide the infrastructure to harness natural ventilation throughout the building.

The technology produces a structure with very long spans and therefore eliminates interior columns in most buildings. This provides large open spaces and great flexibility for the user's partitioning or manufacturing process. The large spans are accomplished with the well established and cost effective technology of prestressing. The components can be cast in the same special moulds as the residential technology.

The exterior of the buildings are insulated and clad according to the local architectural design.

The technology's overall cost and construction time savings are possible because the single casting of the concrete structure also creates the architectural vaulted ceiling, the ceiling finishes and the ductwork and distribution systems.

Department of National Defence for Bourque Pierre et Fils, 640,000 sf office building, Ottawa/Hull, Canada

Mitel Corporation, 300,000 sf high tech manufacturing facility, Wales, U.K.
Mitel Wales

Atrium in the Market, 140,000 sf retail and office complex, Ottawa, Canada
Atrium Atrium

Bell Helicopter, 370,000 sf manufacturing facility, Montreal, Canada
Bell Helicopter

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